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tv   [untitled]    March 5, 2011 8:00am-8:30am EST

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fresh battles rush to libya as a colonel moammar gadhafi. forces push ahead to regain power in the country locals fear foreign forces will intervene but with dangerous it in the gender. mixed emotions in egypt as people refuse to leave the streets until all their demands are met but there are ongoing fight is hurting business isn't costing the country billions of dollars. it's fifty years since the death of joseph stalin but decades on his legacy still divides opinion in russia r.t. speaks to a man who went from a war hero to
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a labor camp prisoner under orders of the soviet leader. four pm in moscow i match reza good to have you with us here on r.t. our top story moammar gadhafi has large widespread offensives during gain control over the eastern part of libya dozens are reported killed as the opposition struggles to fight off the security forces more troops were said to the town of zawiya the outskirts of the capital tripoli after rebels repelled an attack by soldiers saturday morning and as libya's rocked and bloody battles the british government has confirmed its troops are on standby for deployment the u.s. is also gathering its naval forces just across the mediterranean triggering fears of possible intervention party's policy clear has been asking libyans who managed to flee the troubled land what they think of coralie ball. this is the road out of
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libya but it's also the road that lines the pockets of hundreds of libyans who make their living selling fuel internet fourteen times the price they paid back home. libyan gadhafi or one. and libya long live gadhafi let him stay in power for life and as much as some may support other libyans despise the united states for the moment. the u.s. will not enter libya what rights they have they don't get the aftermath is libyan for days he's been trying to get to the community inside the border to check up on his family who on the other side you know some of them have been injured the answer he says is not with foreign intervention. people libyan people they don't the world . another. fiery i mean like so much in libya the foreign nations seem to be giving little concern to what libyans themselves actually want
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a debate for no fly zone is continuing and u.s. warships are sailing not far from the libyan coast very come help libya not to be based help libya for the road was the world this is a problem. if the u.s. russia and other countries case involved it was time that scenes like this are used just by a ship the people here are against foreign involvement they know well the price is often paid for so-called humanitarian assistance. history has shown that military aid in any war zone is more often than not thinly disguised military aid during the war in bosnia it was discovered to take you in trucks delivering aid were in fact transporting military equipment in afghanistan the very weapons america gave to the taliban in the early eighty's came back to haunt the us army following its two thousand and one afghan invasion so it's no wonder libyans whether they support gadhafi or not are united on one issue they want the world and america in
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particular to stay out of the riff is policy r t. on the chin is the libyan border bummer of the u.s. house of representatives dennis kucinich tells our washington steps into libya the people are not khadafi may be the ones who suffer. all over the middle east north africa you see people rising up and challenging their governments the right of self-determination is an inherent right but because it doesn't become self-determination or become something else had any nation intervenes on one side or the other so the fact of the matter is there are times that an intervention is not called point a matter how we much we'd like to do it because if we intervene then what we're going to be doing is let's say we intervene and those who are challenging mr gadhafi then you can point to that and say this is just the united states trying to knock me off and try to create more intrenchments which would cause least half of libya to be lost and you know oppression. and for more on the
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crisis gripping libya and the entire region stay tuned for some opinions from the streets of the big apple coming your way to few minutes. we'll be cheese was good for him we moved it off with you this guy it was just a matter of time before these dictators who are. the things shays people want change the people were hurt people hurt we moved to action and people are angry they moved to action they believe it's more about power and the unfair distribution of power than it is about real democracy. meanwhile in egypt's capital cairo crowds are calling for the death penalty be death penalty to be had for the former interior minister as he struggles trial for corruption the country one of the first to erupt in protest is still reeling from the uprising after toppling president hosni mubarak in february as artie's oxide of boyko reports there are some who fear that life may be even harder than before.
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loading on. have to take its protest abstinence since that tasting day newly found liberates he's still unable to get enough of it. given the resignation of hosni mubarak's close associate as prime minister one of the key to . mance of their position didn't take the steam out of their three squares rally in fact been number of ten city residents seems to be getting even higher now please been camping on the square for three weeks formerly a special needs educator she quit her job to be here and so far has no intention of looking for a new one we're going to stay here until all the demands are been met and the demands are being met one by one but it's still the process is taking longer than expected the revolution is not yet over but it's already becoming a brand street vendors who paddles mubarak's portraits just two months ago have now switched to the revolution in more
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a billionaire. a lot of people love revolution everyone wants to be a part of the plugs of selling world. means liberation in arabic i think the need for a square has become a focal point in anding mubarak's autocratic rule here a few profiteering renders notwithstanding the egyptian revolution comes at a high cost tucker square is packed with protesters again only now instead of resignation demand they're chanting celebrators slogans the piece of revolutionary intoxication about totally natural is costing in millions of dollars every day branded as a symbol of free egypt square stands in a stark contrast to another egyptian attraction the slave build pyramids the rowing crowds have scary their way visitors with lost revenues already exceeding one billion dollars usually it is busy. day before is a problem is. business after is
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a problem. many people here don't believe that kyra protests will significantly alter their life prospects for them freedom comes with their ability to feed their families that for now remains far from certain the business is growing very slow at the moment we have a muslim. five four seven percent of the clients and most of them are coming from middle east none coming from europe it's not that they don't support their revolution they're just the first to discover it's bittersweet taste and to realize that revolutionary intoxication is almost always followed by a headache. artsy cairo. as the wave of anti-government revolts rocks the arab world it's unclear how and when the uprisings were added across the ocean our own a residence in new york about a snapshot of opinion on the streets. you
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know the insurrections revolutions and uprisings in the middle east catch you off guard this week let's talk about that are you surprised i'm not surprised. i'm coming from allah i will say seven weeks ago in my route. i reported. that the political situation in the middle east was very very unstable one week after the whole seemed collapse and tunisia and egypt change was coming we all knew cheese was going to come we moved more could offer you the sky it was just a matter of time before these dictators were you know things change people want change and people were hurt people hurt we moved to action and people were aimed very moved to action do you think the world leaders are caught off guard by those. i think they're caught off guard and knowing what how to react because they i
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believe they know the world is going to be more unstable but they have to support the idea of freedom so it's a mix a mixed blessing do you think that all these are going to lead to more and raster more instability yes i believe it's more about power and the unfair distribution of power than it is about real. well i think it's you know does the time make a leader does the leader make the times though that's always like an ongoing question when it comes to stuff i personally think we have to wait and see this is going to be a good test for everyone in power right now to see how they come out yes no what do you think the effect is going to be around the world what i think it's really not going to make much difference what i hope is that when different people come into power that they'll say you know they'll start treating our people right and everybody in this world we will have the united states will have to be a police country anymore all the social networking that's going on you can no longer hold their people and feet on the propaganda that they used to do you think
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this is something that could happen here or in europe or in other places definitely and that's scary you. know. so if you're prepared for it but i think it will definitely happen it's a little scary to know that people anyone can have so much influence now i don't want a leader giving me product and i but it's a little unnerving to know that anyone with a computer can have that kind of. power to you have to be smart enough to know what to listen to and what to ignore whether or not you think anyone has any idea of what's to come next the bottom line is that there's no denying this is a time of. fifty years after his death soviet leader joseph stalin remains one of the most controversial political figures in history in russia he's adored and idolized by some despised and scorned by others he led his country to victory in war but
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through the heroes who helped him do it into labor camps or he's catarina as are about reports on stalin's legacy i don't think. we need a mussolini. joseph stalin some of history's most notorious dictators and for years were adored by the people of their countries the cult of personality phenomenon has intrigue historians and psychologists alike but the simple sounding question of how one person exact such influence over millions still does not have a simple answer and is something that reminds me the stockholm syndrome in a word or. after you. can put processes by some birth person. you start loving. the law reasonable but cruel but it's
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a way to save yourself to keep your balance. the so-called people's father ruled the country with an iron fist and despite the terrors persecutions and executions he was almost worshiped. by the terms of being entered the second world war style and personality cult was at an all time high men and women all across the country were willing to lay down their lives for only believing that bravery and ultimately victory but guaranteed them stalin's approval of the survivors didn't know is that for most of them life after the war would be much much worse. eleven yet there was twenty three when he returned home from the battlefields having survived dozens of attacks partisan missions and months in captivity he was proud to be coming back alive proud to have accomplished what comrade stalin had asked of her. i remember being marched for
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a small lot into the local women were all standing on the street throwing things at our spinning and shouting stalin's bandits that's what they called it were dozens and i remember feeling a sort of pride because being all leaders then that somehow it was close to him and we all wanted that but i had that feeling for a long time until i set things straight. in one nine hundred forty eight there was accused of being a traitor and sentenced to twenty five years in a labor camp the charge was simple he survived to get to the which to stand mind man he had sold out his country for his life and no proof was necessary after three months of torture and if i was ready to sign any document whatsoever with you i refused to sign a so-called confessions even after all the torture they put me through but then they said if you don't sign it will bring your parents here and i couldn't let them go for this so i agreed a few months later i was on my way to the polar region to the real school labor
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camp. eight years later and every turned home and the new secretary general of the soviet union denounced alan's personality called the man who had twice been named time magazine's person of the year had all his carefully sculpted glory taken away . to the states style and evokes mixed emotions with his actions still being debated ensuring in some respect his personality cult still survives. catchiness are arty not a scam. a little later in the program marty's close up team shows you a different side of one of the oldest cities in russia. find out how people spice things up in the winter and how swards put jaroslav about as one of the top tourist destinations of a country we've got details a couple of items. so in first over some other stories making headlines across the globe the suspect in a shooting spree in arizona has been charged on forty nine counts including the
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murder of a federal judge and a congressional aide jared lee oftener is due to appear in court next week in tucson on these counts he could face the death penalty if convicted six people were killed thirteen wounded including a u.s. congresswoman who was shot through the head and remains in the hospital. shocking video has emerged showing the brutality of the continuing political standoff in ivory coast at a rally against the incumbent president bob oh he's refusing to step down after the members disputed elections pro-government forces opened fire seven women were shot dead while others were wounded in the incident up close that the u.n. says at least three hundred sixty five people have died that sit still that. italian italy's prime minister is back on trial facing corruption allegations prosecutors claim silvio berlusconi's media empire coaches television rights using all using offshore companies as part of
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a tax jump that tax dodge this is one of four trials that the italian leader is currently linked to including paying an underage prostitute for sex and abusing his position he denies all the allegations. the rio carnival has officially kicked off with a mare heading the symbolic key of the city to the so-called king of festivities the idea of five day celebration is the sort of night maybe the highlight of the brazilian calendar event sees the city's first into life with music theater and then rio traditional samo schools will compete on sun. monday nights in a political spectacle we see of a carnival is expected to draw an elite eight hundred thousand visitors from around the world. is the final test for a six spacemen ad rush is caused by not straining center in star city near moscow heater national crew of the main in back of flights to the international space station or a hope to be cleared for the next orbital mission if all goes well in the by connor the launch pad in kazakhstan at the end of march and mission will be devoted to the
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fiftieth anniversary of the first man in space yuri gagarin. time now for the latest in our series of travels across russia heading your way next this time we focus on the historic city of jaroslav it. is time marty's close up team journeyed some three hundred kilometers northeast of moscow to the millennium old city of jaroslav it's day three of our exploration there we've already seen it's historic architecture and culture but one thing we haven't talked about is it's fascination with sports lindsay for as much to check out how the region's landscapes are not just looking great as well. but are also looking for a great ride as well. everyone's going crazy for sports in the jaroslaw region of russia just past the roster of professional athletes
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speeding through the international space station cost them from world cup at germany a center of winter sport and leisure situated on the pristine banks of the volga river poland and when people was just past the other women the first day of the races this is where the race. condition was the fuel for the classic the. next was the men's race where valentino over herself the first female cosmonaut was blocking the finishers. in their view it's a great event of course i want the women steam to be even better than a tease but they did perform well we are very glad for russia with over four hundred children enrolled here there were no offers the average middle class russian a chance to realize their dreams as a sportsman and opera's the foreigner a chance to see this place what it really is. the locals want it to be the new winter destination one that will fill the surrounding restaurants and hotels
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this is what you know this is a front desk of the city thousands of people come and spend their time here every year and with shorter expand opportunities because this will inevitably affect the number of people who go in for sports in general and in for winter sports in particular. not far away in the historic merchant city of festivities are just getting underway to celebrate the winter during a season when most cities are pretty quiet these people are making a party of it was a venue at this but oh yeah i've been i swimming for thirty years i love it there is no need for any of the harmful habits that are widespread nowadays. the massive down on the volga river powered moscow with electricity throughout world war two i tell. action of churches greet tourist boats on their first stop from moscow from the church of john the baptist to the church of prince dimitri on blood built in
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commemoration of young prince dimitris gruesome death in fifty ninety one the place is steeped in tradition but it has a way of breaking out of its shell back at them and between the skiing and the snowmobiling which they were kind enough to teach me there waiting for a good burn at the end of the world cup races a frightful windstorm this summer of two thousand and ten knocked down ninety percent of the surrounding forest locals retaliated by stacking the fallen wood twenty two meters high then registering it in the guinness book of world records they'll burn it into a massive bonfire after the final race now that is competitive sportsmanship in the jaroslav and region lindsey france r.t. . a nato service members been killed in a bomb attack in afghanistan brings the total number of alliance personnel killed since january to seventy bogged down in a grueling war with the taliban the coalition is losing more troops each year as afghanistan's drug production style is out of control the u.s.
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is also feeling some impact on home soil the u.s. naval academy has been hit by a drug abuse scandal with eight midshipmen expelled as part of an ongoing investigation artie's military contributor thinks the u.s. could secretly be cashing in on the afghan drug trade but. it's been almost a year since their high seas has acquired a totally new connotation for the u.s. navy in march two thousand and ten it was the beginning of the corruption of the u.s. naval academy at annapolis by synthetic drugs since then dozens of the navy midshipman have been separated or expelled from the academy unfortunately it was not an exception neither for the u.s. navy north for other branches of the u.s. armed forces so in a way the latest drug abuse investigation is only in a tip of the iceberg of the per knishes and negative influence of the american
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involvement in afghanistan indeed what could motivate future u.s. navy leaders to buy and to resale the drugs among their peers there it could be several reasons for such a reckless and criminal action the most of this is that the us navy is jealous of the us marines who are enjoying the poppy fields in helmand and kandahar and as a result they just fall back on the artificial stuff situation all of that organic murray who want to however it did legitimize all kinds of criminal activity he also legitimize the culture of impunity and profiteering and that is probably the hidden agenda of the us open ended commitment to afghanistan. could always find more on this and other stories online here's a taste of what simon what once lined up. russia putting hot very well to cold winter is pancake week continues in the country with additions to traditional folk
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dances and delicious food for more prestigious click r.t. dot com. and discover how to her friend at penguin our correspondent sean thomas has all the tips in his blog from mad article on our website. later this hour martin and yours explores russia's jewels in the latest episode of nasca out but first to the joys of the business news and the russian markets are having a rare saturday session and that's absolutely right now it's a working day here in russia it's actually a positive day for the russian markets but volumes are very low we'll look at that in just a second first of all it's a recap of the top stories making headlines in the business press this week here k.b.p.s. shareholders have decided to postpone decision on whether the british russian joint venture wants to participate in the b.p.
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and rosneft after the explosion the or the now planning to convene in paris or not twelve in order to address the issue one small meanwhile prime minister putin said he it may be may join the old show project if it offers rolls an afternoon gas from suitable conditions this is the first time the russian prime minister has commented on the widely discussed conflict between post after b.p. the agenda of the next team gave you the meeting scheduled for march twelfth will include dividend questions live in russia on course ski from north capital says this may become the ace in the company's hound. team he has to pay some dividends and part of this is the evidence. and they truly do because b.p. is a part of the growth team. and they use the good. if you as to . push b.p. to make a decision in conjunction with the article's peroration project i don't think it's
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necessarily going to happen but that's probably be the most powerful tool in the hands of ten kids shareholders to press b p l abrade the season on this. russian investment holding system is in talks to sell twenty five percent of its oil giant bash to india as well a natural gas corporation in the u.s. and around two point three billion dollars could already be sealed by the end of march earlier with balls of the g three have long been considering a stake in brush with an iron prism plated in the oil fields that the russian companies acquired the rights for last year the indian state company already has a stake in russia certainly in one or other and gas projects in russia's far east. and yes it's another working day for the russian market side of the long we can do to a public holiday in the country just my thoughts are most of it but there's not much movement has fallen from a quite low due to lack of triggers and the fact that global investors are on the
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recap and the outstanding call more of a saturday session is a mining company machel it's up three point three percent so that's a several dozen banks have given a positive outlook for the store energy shares as you can see they have also positive west texas crude rose two hard dollars by the end of private session tension and maybe a bit for there's a lot of flying across the world telecoms are looking weak and. the ruble as steadily strengthened over the past weeks largely due to rising oil prices but a nickel over gaza from being a capital projects the russian currency will retreat towards the end of the year when the looming elections weigh in on investor confidence. our forecast for the end of the years twenty nine point three so very close to sort out with think there probably are there. i would for we'll make or will be in the second half of the year on the back or fall of the it's. probably
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a political uncertainty here kind of elections. for more on these and other stories you can log on to r.t. dot com forward slash business will be back next hour with an update for headlines i thought. it's. the.
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biggest. the be . hungry for the full story we've got. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. that's.


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